S1: AJ Haynes from the Seratones [Bonus]

In this bonus episode, Youth on Record’s Michelle Rocqet interviews A.J. Haynes, frontwoman for The Seratones, a soul-rock band from Shreveport, Louisiana. It was recorded live at Roxy on Broadway during Impact Days, on the eve of UMS. Hosted by Youth on Record, Impact Days, was a two-day music intensive that offered skill-sharing, networking, professional development, mentoring, and artist care to all UMS artists.

Learn more about The Seratones at https://www.seratones.com/

Produced by David Ladon
Theme song written and performed by David Ladon, Genevieve Glimp, and Danny Acree. Additional music by LXXXVII.

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S1: AJ Haynes from the Seratones [Bonus]
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